Portfolio Review in Detroit

Portfolio Review in Detroit Brought a Valuable and Long Lasting Opportunity to Local Artists. October 20, 2019 For an entire day, the Detroit Center for Design + Technology in Midtown, Detroit hummed with intense energy from our portfolio review in Detroit!  Diverse reviewers (gallery directors, curators and media professionals) took turns speaking with artists about … Read more

Basic live-stream and videoconferencing information: Artists, share your studio more easily

For those Artists and small business owners who want to get their exhibits, expertise, tutorials and studios online or need to meet with others virtually, this video shares three options; Google Hangouts SKYPE Zoom (basic tutorial) Bringing your art and business to an online platform isn’t difficult when you know the steps and plan. I … Read more

The Importance Of Moving Forward When You Are Feeling Doubtful (Part 2).

Before you begin this article, see The Importance of Moving Forward When You Are Feeling Doubtful. [https://embracecreatives.xyz/inform/artist-education/the-importance-of-moving-forward-when-you-are-feeling-doubtful/] One of the main physical hurdles artists often run into is figuring out how they can connect with people outside of themselves. How do you connect with art galleries? How do you connect with clients?  The fear of … Read more